Top Ten Tuesday: The Fictional Family

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This week's theme:

Choose the top ten characters you'd want as family members.

I love my family, and there's not a book character in the world that I'd trade them for. But if I were to make a fictional version of myself, and surround that Jenna with already-existing fictional people, here's who I'd pick:

Father: Mortimer Folchart. Who can help loving Mo? He's such a good man.

Mother: Marmee March. Nobody in all of fiction does a better job of raising their daughters than Marmee.

Brothers and sisters: The Pevensie children, especially if I get to be Lucy.

Aunt and uncle: Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. Not only are they kind and considerate and good-humored, they take superb vacations. I'm up for the Derbyshire tour, carriage and all.

Daughter: India Opal Buloni. I'd help her forget her sad memories, and I'd totally be okay with the dog.

Son: Can I be mom to all the Weasley boys? I could never pick just one. And I'd take Ginny, too, of course. Mrs. Weasley is my hero.

Grandfather: The Alm-Uncle. He may have a tough exterior, but he loves his little Heidi with a very big heart.

Grandmother: Miss Alice from Christy. I'm really reaching here; surely I'm forgetting some great grandmas... But Miss Alice is wise, lovely, and resorts to Quaker thees and thous in affectionate moments. Of course, I mean the character from the Catherine Marshall novel—if you've only seen the old TV series, you've seen an exceptionally cool and hard portrayal of her.

Who would you pick?


  1. Oh! I love your choices of Alm-Uncle from Heidi and Miss Alice from Christy!!...plus the others that I know- Weasley boys, Pevenise kids, Marmee!

  2. I would love to have Matthew Cuthbert as my dad, so sweet and quiet. Mom would have to be Mrs. March, I agree Jenna but I think Jo would be a close second from Jo's Boys. The apple dosn't fall far from the tree I guess.
    Sister goes to Jane Bennett (sp?) Elizabeth couldn't sing enough of her praises that's good enough for me.
    Brother; Hassan from The Kite Runner. Such love and sacrifice it made me cry over and over.
    Grandpa; the old man from Water for Elephants he would have great stories to tell I don't think I would get tired of hearing them over and over.
    Grandma; I can't really think of any...
    Uncle; Bilbo Baggins, hands down.
    Aunt; I got nothing...

    That was fun!

  3. I would pick Atticus Finch as father, Caroline "Ma" Ingalls as mother, Jim Hawkins and Nancy Drew as siblings, Merriman Lyon and Silas from the Graveyard Book as Uncles, Polly Plumber and Amelia Bones as Aunts, FitzChivalry Farseer as son, Meg Murray as daughter, Marilla Cuthbert as grandmother, Herr Drosselmeyer as Grandfather.

  4. Kathy, me too. :D Glad you came by!

    Sarah and Chris, I love your lists. Matthew Cuthbert, Jane Bennet, Bilbo Baggins--can't believe I didn't think of Bilbo!

    Chris, Atticus Finch was my biggest oversight. He didn't come to mind, and totally should have! I'd love Ma and Meg and Marilla and Polly, too.

  5. "Can I be mom to all the Weasley boys? I could never pick just one." Love it! I agree :)


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