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Most Fridays, I post one of the most interesting or useful writing-related links I've found in a week. The only problem with that is the sheer number of excellent writing-related pieces I've usually read within any given seven days. Here's a little catchup:

Know yourself. Are you a Dreamer or a Keeper? Most of us, as Sarah Clarkson says, have a bit of both. As a fantasy writer, I can't help sympathizing with some of the Dreamer ideas—or at least the language thereof—but for the most part, I'd classify myself as a Keeper. If that puts me in a category with Jane Austen, all the more delightful.

Rachelle Gardner busts a few myths, including the idea that a good book will find a publisher and success. This terrifies me, but it's true that there simply are no guarantees. The quoted Kristin Nelson statement about success, with its use of the word "lottery", says a lot.

Diana Pharaoh Francis tells The Truth About Writing Books, including the facts that second books really don't come any easier than the first, and that "...every writer is neurotically different in his or her own way." True. Very true.

Zoë Marriott continues the neurotic theme with a tale of insecurity. I haz it, too. Don't we all.

Jaclyn Dolamore speaks a little common sense into our fears of the query process. As someone wound incredibly tight in pre-query mode, this came as something of a relief.

Michael Hyatt gives tips on creating mental focus. I'm totally with him on keeping caffeine in moderation, working in timed bursts with breaks, and setting mini-goals. I am also tempted to try the music thing. Music can be much more distracting than helpful, but if it's instruments only... maybe a little Clair de Lune would help me focus on that novel of mine.

Katie Ganshert talks about disaster planning for writers. I have every intention of trying her notecard technique with a couple of my novels-in-progress.


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