Things Grownups Read

Mr. Pond needed a week off from the blogalectic, and I am probably setting up camp in the mountains as this post goes up, so in lieu of the usual Monday business: Here's an excellent little piece on adult and young adult literature by my friend and fellow Blogengamot member Deborah Chan (otherwise known as Arabella Figg).

She even quotes me. :) And if I haven't already done so by the time you read this, I will be reserving some of her recommended books at the library very shortly, oh yes.

...and on that thought, I did go ahead and order both sequels to The Hunger Games. If I may try my hand at predicting the future, my early September holds a couple of long days in which every spare moment gets devoted to reading as fast I can. This will likely be followed by at least one night of very little sleep, and hours of getting completely derailed from writing my own novel while I try to think through Collins'. Wish me luck. I haven't been this nervous since I decided to read Dracula. :)

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