Recipes and Anne Rice

The hostess of Tasty Tuesday is on vacation, so... I don't have a recipe this week. But if you want recipes, my friend Auntie-C has been running a Savory Sundays theme. Hers look great. :)

So I went looking for something else to post about, and this week the blogosphere is all about opinions on Anne Rice's (second) renunciation of Christianity. Since I just reviewed her memoir, Called out of Darkness, part of me feels obligated to talk about it too—but I don't know what to say. Anne Rice came back to her Catholic faith committed to the principles of the sexual revolution, and she never let go of them, so it's honestly just not a surprise that she left again. Happens all the time; it was startling news, but not all that shocking.

My experience of Christianity (and of sexual revolutionaries) obviously differs greatly from hers. Apart from a prayer for Ms. Rice, because I don't think you get Christ without the Church (people who try to separate Christ from Church usually just make Jesus in their own image), I haven't much to offer.

As a matter of fact, I haven't much to say at all. We had pork baked in cinnamon applesauce and garlic salt for dinner, with ranch mashed potatoes on the side; Lou gave me a Leinenkugel's beer with lemon and put on Frank Sinatra, and now I feel very mellow. I think I'll spend the evening writing my book and/or listening to The Hunger Games and working on web design.

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