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News: My best friend, an excellent photographer, has just set up a Facebook page for her business. Her work includes senior photos (love Victoria as Bella Swan with the red truck!), a shoot of the local Tracing Days concert, and wedding/engagement pictures. It's well worth checking out, especially if you're anywhere near the Bozeman area and might need something photographed.

* * *

Something else to check out: Coolest. Music. Video. Ever.

Have you ever played the game Mousetrap? -- and by "played Mousetrap" I mean "set up the little course and rolled the marble, re-set and repeat," which is what my sisters and I did. Fantastic game. I loved it.

In sixth grade I wound up in Odyssey of the Mind and did a Cause and Effect activity, where I worked with a team to create a complicated domino effect fulfilling a list of requirements -- displacing so many ounces of water, etc. We had a lot of fun, and thanks to more scientific minds than mine, actually placed well in the competition.

This music video is created on the same principle as Cause and Effect or Mousetrap, but on a far grander scale. I just loved watching it. Enjoy.


  1. So are you. And you're totally welcome.

  2. BTW...I remember going to OM with you and watching your team...very cool! And I think the last, and actually probably the only, time I played Mousetrap was with you and your sisters. :)

  3. Haha! I forgot about that. I remember something else in connection with you and my OM team. I won't say too much in a public place, but you may remember the line "Not you, and not whoever's behind the umbrella!" ROFL ;)

  4. Oh my goodness! Yep, I do believe I remember that incident. ;)


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