Word Salad and Gray Tapioca

Here's to the fun books! Three cheers for the ones that entertain us and mean something to us, that encourage us so powefully that we couldn't care less how many adverbs the author used. (Supposedly it's better if said author pulls off the encouraging without the adverbs--so they tell me, anyways. I like adverbs and have a hard time giving them up.)

Holly Lisle's delightful rant entitled "How to Write Suckitudinous Fiction" is a piece to thrill every reader who prefers YA novels to anything considered more acceptable for his college-educated self. It should lighten the heart of every writer whose dreams tend more toward genre than Pulitzer. Apologies for the coarseness of some of the language, gentle readers, but if you can take the cussing you'll love the spirit of the work.

A favorite line:

"Anyone who includes hope in fiction is a backward Neanderthal hick redneck married to his sister whose non-branching ancestral tree makes him incapable of understanding that wallowing in filth and liking it is sophisticated."

Enjoy! I'm going to go try and break all thirteen of the Sacred Commandments of Suckitudinous Fiction.

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