Sunny Moment

... so, it hasn't been the most cheerful week on the blog. Or in the world. And, of course, it has been raining.

But as I was getting ready to pick up my Lysol and X-14 and start on the bathroom, the clouds broke and sunshine came into the living room. Sunshine! I thought it was supposed to rain for ten days straight, or something like that.

I went about my housework, and about the time I was ready to Comet out the kitchen sink, it came to me that if I wanted a piece of that sun, I had less than an hour to get it before dark.

But you still have to blog, and put a focused hour on story, and sweep and vacuum the floors and clean the counters, my brain accused me. Shouldn't have fallen asleep on the couch this morning, eh? And you know the bookshelves need dusting.

I outsmarted the guilt trip and am blogging out under the blue sky. As long as I don't drop my computer into the lake that is our back sidewalk, all should be well.

Happy weekend, everybody.

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