SCL on Going Offline

Jonathan Acuff made me laugh on Facebook today. Here was his update, for those of you who haven't joined the Stuff Christians Like author's Facebook fans:
"The only thing Christians like more than the internet is taking a break from it. And telling you about it in a blog post or tweet."
I've actually done this--if it counts when you go overseas for two weeks without a computer and sort of decide to use that as get-control-of-your-online-addiction time. At any rate, a little break from the internet now and again can actually be a good thing. If you can fill all that free time with touring Europe, it can be a great thing.

Of course, going offline in this age is a little bit like taking a temporary vow of silence, especially when you're an introvert and a geek. Some of us converse more with a keyboard than we do with our voices. (My husband and I were just talking to each other on gchat ... while sitting side-by-side on the couch. We're nerds. We know.)

The SCL article on digital fasting is here. It is somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course. You have to tell your friends if you plan to fast from Facebook, because otherwise they'll all text you to ask if you died.

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