Perfectionism, Adrenaline, and Happy Writers

My new favorite advice for authors/publishing industry blog: Agent Nathan Bransford. I want his attitude.

Several things attack my attitude on a regular basis whenever I get very emotionally involved in my writing, most notably perfectionism and fierce adrenaline drives.

Perfectionism can go from helping me write a better book to shutting off my creativity in under a second. My writers' group had to rescue me from agony over a scene last week, and Lou had to help me survive another on the weekend. Not the way I want to live most of the weeks of my life.

Adrenaline comes from being "strong-willed." I've affectionately described my will as an iron bar running through the center of my being. Once it gets set in any direction, it does not budge. If it decides that I will succeed at something, whether that be novel-writing or making a recording or yodeling, I'll drive myself to exhaustion trying. It's useful. And kind of silly. And occasionally a little scary.

Here, for anyone likewise afflicted, are Mr. Bransford's Ten Commandments for a Happy Writer. He's right about the lot. Enjoy.

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