Huckleberry Picking and Blogging

As may be obvious to anyone who has checked my blog in the past few days, I never managed to get the automatic posts set up. I am making up for that by going two-for-one today (and backdating them for good measure). Check out #23 and #22, respectively.

I did pick a lot of huckleberries Monday and Tuesday (though Lou, despite his many gallant compliments on my abilities, picked a good pie's-worth more than I did). Other accomplishments included:

  • learning a great new recipe for foil dinners
  • defending said dinners from numerous determined wasps
  • making a list of things to not forget when camping next year
  • seeing about thirty family members, many of whom we only get to see once or twice a year at most
  • explaining everything I ever knew about bears and more to an inquisitive young first-cousin-once-removed
  • successfully avoiding trips to the outhouse by myself in the dark after talking about bears
  • seeing more stars than I remembered to have existed

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