#24. No Compromise

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Make my life a prayer to you
I wanna do what you want me to
No empty words and no white lies
No token prayers, no compromise

Author: Melody Green (with David Hazard)

Synopsis: Keith Green is one of the best-known, most-revered Christian musicians of the 20th century, rising from the sex-drugs-rock & roll culture of the 60s and 70s into the Jesus movement, ministry to the needy and addicted, and music and preaching that many felt to be prophetic. He died in a plane crash with his two oldest children and several friends, at the age of 28. In No Compromise, his wife, Melody, tells his life story.

* * *

I grew up listening to Keith Green, and to this day he is one of a handful of "Christian musicians" whose music I will voluntarily listen to. His piano playing and voice are intense with feeling and sincerity, and the lyrics he and Melody wrote sound more like prayers than greeting-card theology.

Keith Green himself lived a passionate search for God and thereby led a moving life. Every time I have read his story, I have come away with a better knowledge of what it means to love Christ and live for Him.

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