Currently Reading: Dracula

It might be awhile before I'm comfortable getting up in the middle of the night again.

For one of my book clubs--the one primarily concerned with classic literature--I gave as my recommendations two of the works I didn't want to read but knew I ought to. We drew Dracula this month.

Apparently vampire novels are supposed to be desperately suspenseful. Stephenie Meyer kept me up more than one night with her books. The idea of reading about the Count and friends after dark makes me quite nervous, but I've got to know what happens!

I'm reading it online. The library was out of copies, and it has far too scary a reputation for me to just go out and buy. Online books come in for a lot of use in my book group, but they do occasionally leave a little decoding work for the reader:

"When the Count saw my lacCj, Jiis eyes blazed_with a sort of demoniac fury, ancThe suddenly made a grab at myj^roat.,! drewaway, and his hand touched the.string of beads which held the crucifix. It made an instant change ir> Mm,"

Optical Character Reader scanners! Proof positive that machines will always need humans around.


  1. ouch. that looks absolutely dreadful! the library has a few copies now-- i checked one out just this afternoon. check over in the adult fiction section under S for Stoker. happy reading! (i haven't started it yet... oops.)

  2. LOL. Thanks! I just finished it. I had to know what happened, and as fast as I could!

  3. I still have the copy that I bought in early 1992. Still practically mint condition too! It's definitely one of my favorite novels ever :-)

    (And incidentally, now I'm reading Twilight. Dear Lord, it really has come to this, hasn't it...?)

  4. LOL!! Okay, you HAVE to tell me what you think of Twilight when you're done. I love those books!

    Not sure I could call Dracula one of my favorite novels ever. It was a mite too horror-ish for me, but I did like it. :)


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