#29. If You Love Me

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Our old copy seems to have disappeared, and the only complete sentence I can come up with from memory is "Elias hesitated, his hand on his gun", so no real quote this time ... you'll have to take my word for it that it's good.

Author: Patricia M. St. John

Synopsis: Lamia lives in Lebanon, where the Christians and the Muslims are at war. When Muslim friend Kamal gets Lamia's twin brother, Amin, killed, Lamia learns to hate and wonders if the prayers her mother prays before the crucifix do any good at all. Amin's old friend Hanni, however, has been learning of forgiveness and wants to teach his friend's beautiful sister. Lamia does not want to forgive, but as the war tears further into her family and she adopts an orphaned Muslim child, she finds herself searching out the meaning and power of love.

* * *

I have turned my place upside down looking for this book. Whether I accidentally left it behind when moving out of my roommate's place, or whether it is buried in a box somewhere, or whether my sister has it and can't find it either, I don't know. But I'm going to have to find it again eventually. It's a beautiful book, full of passion and truth, and of learning to love and forgive in unthinkably terrible times.

My family read it aloud when I was growing up, and I read it many times myself. It bears up to re-reading remarkably well, especially considering its relative shortness.

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