#43. No Flying in the House

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"Can you kiss your elbow?"

Author: Betty Brock

Synopsis: A fairy princess married a mortal man, and her father the Fairy King was so angry that he exiled both indefinitely, willing to restore them to favor only if their first child became mortal by the it turned seven. No Flying in the House is the story of that first child and the tiny dog who helps her.

* * *

I read this innumerable times in fourth grade; unfortunately, never since. Someday I'll stick this and 101 Dalmatians on an Amazon order to benefit from the free-shipping-over-$25 promotion.

Though I attempted Belinda's trick for flying several times, I don't think I really expected to get off the ground. It would've been fun, though. As I recall, Annabel floated around the living room ceiling eating a cookie. Of course, her benefactor wasn't incredibly excited about her dropping crumbs on the carpet.

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