#34. The Mitford Years

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"Edith Mallory's lookin' to give you th' big whang-do," said Emma.

Until this inappropriate remark, there had been a resonant peace in the small office. The windows were open to morning air embroidered with birdsong. His sermon notes were going at a pace. And the familiar comfort of his old swivel chair was sheer bliss.

"And what, exactly, is that supposed to mean?"

His part-time church secretary glanced up from her ledger. "It means she's going to cook your goose."

Author: Jan Karon

Synopsis: Anglican priest Father Tim is single and over sixty, happy preaching and gardening and reading deep theological work in his small-town parish. A pretty neighbor, a giant dog, an abused boy and many other stories are about to mix up his simple life for good.

* * *

Lazy, rambling, summery tales--I love the Mitford books. Jan Karon has a unique writing voice and a talent for creating vivid comic characters. Father Tim and Cynthia are particularly lifelike.

When I want a relaxing read, free from mind-games or frustration, I'm as likely to pull these off the shelf as anything else.

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