#38. Pollyanna

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"Please, Aunt Polly, you didn't tell me which of my things you wanted to--to give away."

Aunt Polly emitted a tired sigh--a sigh that ascended straight to Pollyanna's ears.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you, Pollyanna. Timothy will drive us into town at half-past one this afternoon. Not one of your garments is fit for my niece to wear. Certainly I should be very far from doing my duty by you if I should let you appear out in any one of them."

Pollyanna sighed now--she believed she was going to hate that word--duty.

"Aunt Polly, please," she called wistfully, "isn't there any way you can be glad about all that--duty business?"

Author: Eleanor H. Porter

Synopsis: An orphaned girl goes to live with her strict and angry aunt, bringing the game her father taught her. Aunt Polly is not interested in finding things to be glad about, but many a member of the town learns to play. One of them has the secret to softening Aunt Polly's heart.

* * *

Reading this book reminds me to be cheerful. It also reminds me that doing my duty is only half the battle; being glad about it is the other half.

Yes, I'm serious. Nowadays with everyone wanting to do just as they please and still managing to be unhappy, the story of someone who did much that they did not wish to and found a way to be happy about it is worth reading. But more than that--I like the story. I like the simple sweetness of it. I like the characters and the setting and the happy ending.

Tonight my duty is sleeping at my parents' temporary house to care for Grandma while Mom and Dad defend their new house from its previous tenant, who broke into it last night. I'm glad my husband is willing to come with me, and that it's not far from our place. And that I had a place to park, which is always something to be glad about in Bellingham.

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