#35. Summer's Song

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"My name is Bethany Prudence Worthington Taylor, which is more than enough name for any 17-year-old."

Author: Linda Massey Weddle

Synopsis: Beth Taylor takes a summer job as a crew member at family camp, where she meets three interesting guys: Kip, handsome and popular; Russ, loon aficionado and secret informer; and Luke, a lonely child who looks to Beth for friendship and faith. Ice-maiden Erin tests her patience and crew rebellion tests her integrity, but it is Luke who asks her for an act of bravery that means living up to her grandmother's name.

* * *

My sister Beth brought this book home from Clydehurst, a summer camp we attended in junior high and high school, where the author and her husband had been speakers. As far as I know, the book was either self-published or put out by a very small company, although Mrs. Weddle has since published nationally. I will have to track this book down eventually, as Beth and I read the copy we had to pieces over ten years ago.

I don't recall the tale as being particularly deep or layered--not that I would have recognized such back then--but as a simple, sweet story this was one of the rare gems of the Christian fiction genre.

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