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Chris Daughtry went home? Chris?!

Ryan Seacrest said that the votes have spoken. But all that proves is that reasonable people don't necessarily have time to spend two hours with the telephone every week, calling and re-calling the same phone numbers.

Out of loyalty to Katharine, I will probably watch next week; but if she leaves, would I watch a finale between Taylor and Elliot? I don't know. Taylor at least entertains me. Both guys can sing, but if it weren't for my respect for Heather's and Jessi's opinion--two good friends of mine who like his music and image--I might make a snide comment here about Elliot's ten fans and their phone-dialing skills.

The departure of Chris Daughtry poses another question: Is American Idol really well set up to produce superstars? How many of today's top rock, country and pop stars would do well in such a competition, being asked to sing different styles of music which might or might not be suitable for their voices or personalities?

Ah well. I will say this: If Chris makes an album, I'll buy it. If he makes an album with Walk The Line on it, I'll buy it the day it comes out.

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  1. 5:50 PM here in Greensboro NC (Chris Daughtry's hometown, well practically anyway 'cuz McLeansville adjoins G'boro to the east), less than 24 hours after Daughtry went home... and the outrage is still being poured. Local Fox affiliate has spent no less than 1/3rd of their hour-long 5 o'clock news to what happened on AI last night. Radio stations still getting people calling in about it. A lot of people angry that Daughtry won't be part of the "homecoming" thing that AI has the other contestants doing this weekend: Daughtry was set to appear at the baseball stadium tomorrow then have a "meet and greet" at this restaurant downtown. That won't be happening now and people are calling the Fox station demanding why that is, when it's not the Fox affiliate's say-so, that's the AI producers's. They did an extended interview with Daughtry that only showed locally this morning and to say he was still shocked is an understatement: said he didn't know if it was just his time to go or if his supporters thought he was "safe" and didn't call. They've run that probably five times today.

    Just can't really describe what it's like here in Daughtry's hometown. This is going to be talked about for years.


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