AI5 Top 4... Yes, I Did Watch It

...but only because Mom taped the Gilmore Girls.

May I just say that I have never disagreed so much with Simon Cowell in any given Idol episode?

I've got to hand it to Elliot, personal taste in music aside, because he really did fight for the win last night. Despite that, I still think he's the least marketable of the four remaining, although the question of whether or not Taylor has marketing potential still has me befuddled. Of the four contestants, Chris Daughtry makes by far the most sense as an eventual superstar.

Mostly last night I just felt bad for Katharine, whom I thought sounded and looked very well till the end. At the end she seemed to tire slightly, just at the very end of her second song; and after Simon fussed at her about her evening, her expression said that she felt she'd lost already.

I personally thought that "Hound Dog" came across as likeable and fun, and that her rendition of "Can't Help Falling In Love" had a cool feeling to it. I liked the rock flavor in the bridge. Make of that what you will, Simon Cowell.

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  1. And now... the horrid aftermath.

    It has been TOTAL BEDLAM on the local Fox affiliate and the radio stations this morning (bear in mind that this is Greensboro N.C., the metro area that Chris Daughtry hails from). People calling into Fox 8 ranting about how it was rigged, it was fixed from the start so Kat McPhee would be the one moving forward, how AI can never be trusted again etc. The entire morning was practically dedicated to last night's AI. It wasn't much better on this one radio station that has been hosting weekly viewing parties at a local restaurant for fans of Chris. People have been calling in all day suggesting all kinds of things (including several involving power tools) to express their rage. It's sorta been like when some MidEast leader gets killed and all the people go chanting and screaming his name in the streets... yeah kinda like that. You've no idea what kind of chaos Chris getting voted off last night has done to this area.

    Between this and what happened on Lost last night, our TV was in meltdown mode. I hope nothing like this happens again anytime soon :-P


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