AI5 Three Hours and Counting

Yes, I intended to post yesterday, but yesterday kept me too busy. I almost didn't get the program watched. Of course I watched it though... well, most of it.

Seeing Chris Daughtry smiling in the audience did my heart good. Finals night wasn't the same without him.

I can't retract last week. Taylor should win. He sang last night like he'd already won the competition; it would surprise me big-time if he didn't.

That said, Katharine McPhee still stands as one of my favorites of the season. Her performances get lower marks from Simon and the gang sometimes, but usually I have no idea why. Maybe they all hold memberships in Ella Fitzgerald's fan club, and they don't like anyone else singing her songs.

Which brings me to my next point: Who does the writing for the "original songs" that form a part of the finals every year? I could write songs like that in fifteen minutes, while talking on the telephone and washing dishes. Well, maybe not quite that fast. But the shameful excuses they put out for "possible first single" just gag me, and they get worse every year.

My opinion on the business is that the AI songwriting machine made short work of Clay Aiken's career, which could have gone on for decades fed by writers of Art Garfunkel's caliber. His rendition of Bridge Over Troubled Water was ten-minute-standing-ovation good. The same could not be said of Invisible, or worse yet, The Way (anyone even remember that song?)

Clay Aiken's Christmas album, on the other hand, showcased his true talent. That boy can outsing just about anyone on the pop charts nowadays. He's also much more likeable than almost anyone on the pop charts nowadays. Ahhh, there I go ranting... I know he's just as happy helping special needs kids as singing, but I miss the guy. Forgive my tirade.

Best wishes to Taylor and Katharine, whatever happens.

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  1. I have two things to say that are COMPLETELY relevant to this blog:
    1. I like swords.
    2. I still have your plastic food container.


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