AI5 Top 3

Taylor should win.

I felt bad for Katharine. She's obviously had a rough week. To overcome that with a strong performance takes a lot of nerve. She sang beautifully--yes, Simon, even on the Ella Fitzgerald song--but her face didn't seem to show a lot of hope. I missed her usual dazzle.

The unofficial news tells me that Elliot went home. Fair enough.

Taylor's attitude, stage presence, and ability to sing well while dancing (it's not easy, trust me) set him apart. He sang like he'd already won. He should win. Anyways, how could anyone not like someone so uninhibited and happy?

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  1. The thing about Taylor is that (a) he has fun and (b) the music is IN this guy, baby!!! He's the one Idol contestant that I would go out and buy his album as soon as it came out.

    Too bad about Elliot though: I was hoping it would be him and Taylor in the finale, but he's definitely going on to big and better things :-)


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