Bits of Light and Air and other stories

It's been my habit, these past few weeks, to think of the utter disintegration of all my routines as a bit like falling into a lake. You spend a few long moments flailing for the surface—knowing you'll find it, but panicking a bit all the same.

Amid all the burbling and greenish darkness, I'm starting to catch bits of light and air.

Favorite parts of work: Donut Friday, to which my trainer introduced me yesterday. (It'll get better, too, soon as Lent is over!) Getting paid to fix bad grammar before it goes live on the internet. Running into old friends by the elevator, at the coffee machine, and in the breakroom.

Least favorite part of work: Hearing one of my favorite new coworkers blurt to a friend, under his breath and around the corner, his agony over his boyfriend's walking out on him—and not feeling like two days' acquaintance gave me enough right of friendship to walk around the corner, put my arms around him, and let him curse off a little of the pain.

One of the reasons I keep believing in God: the desperate need to pray for people I can't immediately help or comfort in any other way.

* * *

I planted Jerusalem artichokes in the rain today. While I was at it, I weeded the vegetable garden and dug the little peony out of the yard. (Whether the latter will survive the uprooting, it's hard to say, but it has a better chance than it had against the mower.) If you wait for sunny weekends in Bellingham, you'll never get anything done.

That said, I'll take rain over the piles of snow Maine still has—"always winter and never Christmas," as Christie put it the other day. I'm praying for spring, Masha! In the meantime, I feel guilty for posting the following, but seriously, GARDEN.

Flowering quince: one of the first things to bloom around here.

I had raindrops on my camera lens, but the grape hyacinths
are still adorable.

Fruiting quince tree!

The bad garden news: two of my three red currants are jostaberries. I never had any intention of growing jostaberries; I keep trying to grow red currants. This is five out of six I've been wrong about. Either I'm going to have to learn to tear up healthy plants, which always hurts me, or I'm going to have to find some use for jostaberries.

* * *

Tonight's meal: polenta cooked till creamy, stirred up with butter and parmesan, topped with chicken and leeks and mushrooms cooked in garlic salt and sherry with chili flakes. Not very Lenten, but then, it's Sunday vigil.

* * *

According to Maia, it is as important to sleep on work jeans as on clean laundry. This is a mystery to me.

* * *

The Harry Potter post is half written. I'll try and finish it soon.... bonne nuit.


  1. Aww, Jenna, I feel your pain on not knowing people well enough to be able to run up and commiserate. Maybe you can do something nice (but not obviously breakup-related) for him in the next couple days. If there's something you can ask him to help you with at work, that might be good, too. One of the things that can really help in recovering from a breakup is having opportunities to be useful to other people.

    Polenta sounds delish. I don't think I've ever had leeks, but maybe I'll give them a try.

    1. <3 Thanks! Your advice goes right along with my instincts. I did get his help with a work difficulty, first chance I had.

      I recommend leeks as well worth trying! They're a lot milder than onions, and not quite as sour.

  2. It's ok..I don't hate you for your spring-time..It was really warm today! Everything is melting, slowly.

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful! And work sounds fantastic!..I had more to say, but I can't remember what. :/

    1. YAY MELTING! And yay warm! I will keep praying!

      Thank you! :D


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