Primroses Waiting and other stories

Hello, last weekday of being a stay-at-home housewife! I've been enjoying the sunshine—and killing the whole morning working on things not relevant to what I'm supposed to be working on—and putting off housework.

Maia: "Don't take a picture of me. You'll steal my soul."
The blog schedule will get substantively reworked over the next few weeks, and I won't know how till I know my new schedule... so thanks for your patience. :)

For today: the Today meme is hosted by Masha! Join in over at Piękno, or leave your own sensory notes in the combox...

* * *

Today I am:

Feeling... cheerful. I have four little primroses waiting to go in the ground; I did a bunch of account updating that I've been putting off all week; I've had a pleasant few days of not making myself do very much; and I ordered a bicycle yesterday so I can commute to work like a proper Bellinghamster.*

I'm as excited as a kid about that last one. I've barely been on a bike since my teens... but there was another blue Schwinn once, and before that, a much-loved black-and-yellow dirt bike that I rode till my knees started hitting the handlebars.

I am so going to learn to ride my bike in a skirt, by the way.

* * *

* * *

Seeing... my friend Agnes' band play tomorrow night, if all goes well! Two or three of my other friends and I are driving down to Seattle together to see her sing. I've been looking forward to this for weeks.

Smelling... and Tasting... grapefruit peeled, sectioned, and cut up into a bowl with a handful of walnuts thrown in—a Lenten lunch that doesn't taste penitential. ;)

* * *

Listening... to a real blast from the past. Upon coming home from choir practice this week with something or other stuck in my head, I thought, "I need a song to get this out, now"—and the following came to mind out of nowhere. I haven't seen the movie Polly since I was maybe fourteen.

This was the only video of the complete song that I could find that wasn't flagrantly breaking copyright law. The crowd is very enthusiastic, probably because this performance is kind of adorable.

* * *

Grateful... for sunshine, flowers, these five years of rest, and a job to go to Monday.

First daffodil!

Reading… hmm. I just finished Fiddler's Green (kinda loved it, actually; review coming soon), so I'm between books. I've got Marissa Meyer's Cress on order at the library, Dickens' The Tale of Two Cities still waiting on my Kindle, and sudden strong temptations to re-read the first three Anne books, The Blue Castle, and The Host. Hmmmmmm.

Studying… nothing! Not this week. ;)

Working on... filling out I-9s and W-2s, convincing myself to make something of Lent instead of complaining about it, and preparing a great big response to Masha's first Lenten post on love in Harry Potter. Hey, Potter fans, my good friend Masha doesn't say things like "Friendship is, I think, the love Rowling is least comfortable with..." just to make every Potter fan's jaw hit the floor—these were her sincere impressions! Go convince her otherwise. ;)

* * *

Loving... this day at home.

Hoping... for more sunshine, so I can start biking to work soon. And so my little primroses don't get stunted and beaten back by snow and frost, like the last quartet I got. And so we can finally be done with winter, because spring.

Happy weekend!

* I'll bike-commute in the sunshine, at least. I'm not hard core enough to want to take my book bag and my bangs out in the rain.


  1. Maia, Scary Ghost Cat . . .what a fun pic. I like the primrose shots, too. The first is pretty and the second has an ethereal quality.

    Bikes--such fun! Wish I could ride again. Have you told us what your new job is? I think I'm taking The Host to read in the hospital; it's been a couple years and it won't matter if I lose track, with sleeping, etc.

    Happy weekend!


    1. Hahaha--I was tickled to death with that Maia shot. And thanks for the compliments! I'm having fun experimenting with the camera, and will be on the ballistic learning curve for awhile, but I feel like when I get it right I get something really nice out of it.

      My new job is a half-time proofreading position. I'm pretty thrilled about it.

      Will be praying for you this week!

  2. I've always been firmly of the opinion that photographs steal your soul. But on the other hand, cats just look so good in pictures.

    Happy work on Monday!! Just remember the important things: Cat food, treats, toys, & potty box cleaning. :)

    1. HAHA. Cats seem so obviously affiliated with the Dark Side that I wonder how soul-stealing works in their case.

      Maia shall not go neglected. That would not go well for me. ;)

  3. Jenna! Give that cat her soul back! >:{

    Re: friendship in HP -- I haven't read M's post yet, but when I read that sentence, my jaw did temporarily detach, and then I put it back on and went, "Huh." and now it kind of makes sense? At least, I should go over there and see what the deal is

    My main feeling about that right now is that I'm not thrilled about (most of) the canon pairings (which I will decline to SPOIL for anyone who hasn't absorbed them by osmosis) because I prefer those particular characters as friends / found families.

    Good luck with jobs and bikes and school! I'm happy to see so many cool things happening in your life!

    1. Hahaha! And thanks.

      I could see preferring the canon pairings as friendships. I was pretty OK with them myself, though. ;)


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