Because I Owe You a Cat Picture...

(Yes, I know the Chicago Manual of Style prefers a space before the ellipsis, and I will dutifully put said space in when occasion requires at work, but I have never understood that style choice. Feel free to explain, if any of you have the details.)

So. I like the job. I like the job so much that I just told my bosses I'd work thirty-two hours per week instead of twenty till fall semester starts. Bear with me; I'm not sure when I'll take pictures of the cat and the flowers, let alone post them, but I mean to find ways.

The next question: which of these plants I can save from further Maian root excavations by taking them to work and putting them on my desk.

Carrie-Ann, I put the Jane Austen figurine you gave me on my desk, right in front of my computer monitors. When I went in this morning, I discovered that someone had used one of my sticky notes to leave me a "This is awesome!" with an arrow pointing to Jane. My sentiments exactly. :)


  1. I suppose we can be content with one cat picture a week, if need be. ;)

    Glad you are liking work. The Jane Austen figure does sound awesome!

    1. Isn't one cat picture a week all you've been getting? ;) Well, from me, anyway...

      I love that Austen figurine--should take my camera into work and shoot a picture. :) And thanks!

  2. I like the space before the elipses because it suggests to me that the sentence doesn't end there abruptly but that there could have been more content. But my MA supervisor got me in the habit of putting it right up against the last word. I also hate when the periods are all bunched together, as in "..." That's probably just an aesthetic thing. :P

    So I used to do this . . ..
    Now I do this. . .
    And I never do this...

    *grammar nerd signing out*

    1. I don't like the ellipsis character, but I bunch the periods together... I've never gotten the space-them-out thing, either. :P But at least you have CMS on your side with that one! My company uses the ellipsis character. Which... well, the character exists, so it might as well get used somewhere. ;)

  3. Yay for Jane Austen love in the workplace! (Atlantic editor Ta-Nehisi Coates calls her Jane Awesome, a designation I have adopted for my own daily use).

    So glad you're enjoying your new job -- job satisfaction is totally worth a slight drop in cat photos, as far as I'm concerned.

    And I'll cast my vote for spaced ellipses, for purely aesthetic reasons -- well, and it also makes the ellipsis easier to see if you're skimming.


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