Hufflepuff Party

I have a post on a friend's beautiful modern visual art that I'm desperately trying to get posted. Not to mention the two book reviews that want writing up. They require conscious thought. Conscious thought takes work, however.

Conscious feels—not so much. :D

Kristina Horner, this is so perfect, and I love you. I always knew we were a lot alike, even though I called myself a Gryffindor and you called yourself a Slytherin.

The only thing—well, I'm not so sure about cuddling a badger. They bite. I don't need a badger for biting instead of cuddling; I have a cat for that. Most of the time, I can pry her teeth out of my hand.

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  1. Yay, Hufflepuff! Though some snakes are probably better to cuddle with than most badgers. I'm a mammal person myself, but badgers are fierce. Actually, none of the House Animals are particularly cuddly, but a small harmless snake might be your best bet out of the four.


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