Harry Potter Book Club: Catch-Up Week... and My Brief Career as a Singing Nun

Hey, everyone, this is catch-up week for the Harry Potter Book Club. I'm taking it off.

I didn't have time or energy to think about Harry Potter this weekend. Our local Catholic school had its centennial celebration, and I got to be part of what—considering how many times I saw the movie—might almost count as a musical dream come true: a group of my fellow choir ladies and I dressed up in habits and sang a medley of "Hail, Holy Queen" and "I Will Follow Him" from Sister Act. Complete with choreography. As a surprise for the gathering of alumni and families.

I apologize for there not being, to my knowledge anyway, a video of this. But you know how it goes, right? It must be admitted that the screenplay displays a colossal ignorance of the most basic workings of the Catholic Church (kind of like the news media, har), but the music is still awesome:

It was hard to hear around the wimple, and I had to stare serenely over the heads of the audience or risk meeting a gaze at the tableful of friends right in front of me (upon which I would never have been able to—as Jane Austen would say—keep my countenance). But a crammed week of rehearsals paid off, and I got all the nerves out of the way in two days of immoderate freakout beforehand, and I was comfortable enough to enjoy myself. People cheered and clapped and laughed, and when it ended with a four-part chord topped by the Mary Robert soloist's high C and backed by a full glissando down the piano, we got a standing ovation. So, yeah. That was awesome. :D

It doesn't help you get any more Harry Potter posts, however, so it's probably good that it was a one-time event. But you can read Christie's chapters 8-9 post, "HPP: Ghosts in the Foreground", and Masha just got her chapters 10-12 post up, "Potions to Pass the Day", and they're both great. More to come in response next week, along with the next couple of chapters. Happy reading!


  1. Oh, too fun! I always loved that old pop song. It's been ages since I saw Sister Act--was that Maggie Smith in there doing an early McGonagall?


    1. That IS Maggie Smith! I'd had no idea she was in Sister Act till I looked up this video. :)


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