Harbingers of Autumn and other stories

The baseboard heat has begun coming on this week. Therefore, Maia has appropriated the new bookshelf right over all the warmth:

I'm joining my meme to Masha's again, and probably will do so regularly henceforth. Hop in for "Today" over at Piękno, or leave your own sensory notes in the combox...

* * *

Today I am...

Feeling... a little behind on things. It's Friday. That's normal, right?

* * *

Seeing... the harbingers of autumn. The shift from warm and mostly sunny to chilly and mostly gray happened almost literally overnight; the trees are only barely starting to turn. It's so wet outside that I haven't got much motivation for taking pictures.

* * *

Smelling... cleansers on my hands, post-housecleaning.

Tasting... well, tonight I'm making fresh tomato soup with garlic and basil and carrot, I think. Maybe a little celery and leek, too. There's also a loaf rising in the breadmaker.

* * *

Listening... to Mendelssohn's Songs without Words, Op. 19. I'm learning number 2 on the piano.

* * *

Grateful... for my Korg Triton LE synth. We used it for the Sister Act piece, because I was the one with a full-size portable piano. Said our accompanist: "You know, you said you had a nice keyboard, and sometimes when people say that... but you actually have a nice keyboard." Yes, I do, and that's my baby. Thanks, Mom and Dad. <3

Now, if only I played it as well as he does. >:( My sightreading is improving, slowly. My tendency to garble my fingers... not so much.

* * *

Reading... exactly the same things I was last week.

Loving... a trenchcoat-wearing Goth student I had in my youth ministry days, whom I haven't seen in at least eight years, but whom I got all emotional about in Masha's combox the other day. I'll never forget him waving me over and holding out one of his earbuds, saying, "Listen to this, it's so beautiful!" He was listening to Richard Marx. I had to sit down to the piano and play "Right Here Waiting" in his honor this week.

Hoping... to get through slush-reading, Harry Potter post prep, article-finishing, and chapter 3 of novel revision this weekend. The word for that is ambitious.

* * *

That's all I've got. Happy weekend!


  1. Luba would kill for baseboard heat! Especially if the bed was right above it, and the bed was just for her own personal use, and we kept every soft thing we own on her personal bed-above-heat. Animals are greedy.

    Did you manage to do everything???

    I wish I'd met your trenchcoat wearing friend, he sounds just lovely..I hope he's doing well now and praying for your intentions everyday!

    Happy Autumn!! I heard you got snow??? Somewhere out there?? Is it true?

    1. Snow? Not here. Inland, it wouldn't surprise me at all, but we're a mile off the bay and it hasn't frosted yet. I'm holding out for another couple of weeks frost free; I still have sweet peas....

      You would've loved him. :)

      I got everything done but the novel revision... and I made progress on that, so I can't complain exactly. Especially not considering how much I goofed off today when I was supposed to be working on it. ;P


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