Happy Belated Birthday, Harry

Last Wednesday, July 31, was Harry's birthday. His thirty-third, incidentally. But since we just read about his twelfth birthday, when he didn't get acknowledgement, let alone a cake, I really wanted to make him a nice birthday cake with decoration and everything. Unfortunately, I'm supposed to be avoiding sugar. (Also, it was a Wednesday, and trying to fit anything unusual into a Wednesday... let's just say that if anything unusual wants to fit into a Wednesday around here, it has to either magically expand the day or force itself in.) So I'm having to be content with finding someone else who did—in this case, Dinah Bucholz over at Dash:

Well done, Ms. Bucholz.
Cake Wrecks also has some very nice Potter-themed cakes. Nice ones, not wrecks. If you read the prequel post to the latter of those two links, however—it's linked at the bottom of that post—there's a spoiler. :)

Other Happy Birthday to Harry fun:

Pages Unbound had several posts in honor of the occasion: Zita's testimonial, Krysta's "Which Harry Potter book are you?" quiz, which I still mean to take when I get five seconds to spare, and Briana's "Top Ten Objects from the Harry Potter Series I Wish Were Real", with which I mostly agree, although I need to think about it some more, because flying brooms sound like fun, too.

EW's "33 Great Things about Harry Potter in Honor of His Birthday." SPOILERS ABOUND, y'all.

HuffPo's sixteen favorite quotes from Harry Potter. They got a lot of the best, but they missed my top two. Never fear, I'll be featuring those in major ways when the book club gets to them.

Happy Birthdays also to Neville Longbottom, who was born the day before Harry, I believe, and to J.K. Rowling, who shares the 31st of July with Harry. Cheers!

And now... I'd write more, but we're still waiting on Christie, and frankly, I'm so busy with apples that I don't have time. Tomorrow's post may not happen, either. We'll see. Anybody know the spell for making apples remove their own stems, seeds, and bruises and hop into a pot and make applesauce of themselves? Anybody? Mrs. Weasley?


  1. The cakes looked delicious. Too delicious to even eat. :)

    Yeah, I've meant to do something Harry Potterish this last week or so for the Pub but just haven't gotten around to it. Last week was kind of busy with a funeral and this week just hasn't started clicking yet. I'm taking a bit of vacation in about two weeks and I'm preparing for it by having no motivation whatsoever to get things done ahead of time.

    1. I'm preparing for it by having no motivation whatsoever to get things done ahead of time"

      I know EXACTLY how you feel. ;)

  2. How do you even HAVE apples???

    we just have under-ripe crab-apples and early, early macs...wow! And, since I have a massive market basket full of cucumbers - desperate to be made into pickles - I completely understand!!!

    Happy belated Birthday, Harry!

    I might link up something new with your old post anyway..just because I can.

    We miss you Christie!! Come back to us! ;)

    1. Well, Transparents ripen early... but we also had an unusually warm spring (normally, we get all the rain you had), so everything's coming earlier than it did last year, when the rain didn't stop till mid-July.

      Cheers on your cucumbers! Have fun making pickles... I like canning. That ping the jars make when they seal is just so satisfying, and the full jars are so beautiful sitting on shelves. :)

      I hope you do post something! And Christie, we miss you LOTS!

  3. I couldn't get the quiz to work for me because I had two each of almost every letter, and no more than two of any letter. So I will never know which Harry Potter book I am, and will have to worry that I am All-Caps Harry.

    Wait, no I won't.

    Oh well. Happy birthday, Harry!

    1. I have a soft spot in my heart for All-Caps Harry. <3


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