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Joining Jen over at Conversion Diary for Seven Quick Takes!

I think Maia is contemplating evil.

* 1 *

Fair warning: the annual St. Hilaire family huckleberry picking trip is this Sunday through Tuesday, which means blogging will be even more sporadic next week than it was this week. (I only missed one post this week... next week, it might be three. And no, I haven't got a good excuse for this week's failure. It was just one thing too many to think about.)

I want to get a Harry Potter post done, but it's not particularly likely to happen. If it does, it'll be Wednesday or Thursday, unless I wind up with lots of spare time tomorrow.

* 2 *

Anniversary flowers from my true love.
When I was a naive and inexperienced young girlfriend, I believe I told Lou I didn't need him to buy me flowers all the time. And it's sort of true... but it's funny how much it means when he brings me some. I think I orbited these for an hour after he brought them home.

He also got me this card. Because robots and flying cars are awesome, and so is he.

* 3 *

To be shamelessly honest, I'm a grumpy detoxer. I miss sugar. And coffee. And cheap beer. (No, I do not generally have bad taste. I just can't help it if I like Pabst and Miller.)

Halfway through this month's cleanse, I am making myself eat the recommended amount of vegetables... oh, maybe every third or fourth day. There are aphids on my kale. I love kale, but I hate aphids. I refuse to eat them, which means picking carefully over every leaf. Two cups of vegetables per day? Not at that pace. Sorry.

But thank heaven for cucumbers and onions.

This was also the first day of the month that I got up early and have been working faithfully through my to-do list. I've gotten so much done that I might try the same thing again. Sometimes virtue is its own reward. Of course, next week's three days of camping—with no computer or garden or piano, no work schedule, little sleep—not to mention that we'll all live on hot dogs and cheap beer, and won't bother to pack our vitamins... yeah, that's totally going to throw me off.

* 4 *

The apple project is mostly complete, except for picking up windfall mash, but the garden isn't letting up. I cut the oregano recently, much to the annoyance of several hives of bees:

Me to Lou:
"I'm a bit concerned that we won't have enough oregano for, like,
the next 25 years, or something."
...and the tomatoes are in full-on production mode. I've never grown anything like the Italian heirloom vine my mom gave me. Thus far, the biggest tomato weighed one pound, four ounces all by itself.

That's a lot of salsa.

* 5 *

From last month's subbing-in, here's what trying to rehearse choir conducting is like with a cat around. I thought I should have been left to work in peace, but according to Maia, I shouldn't expect peace if I mean to work sitting cross-legged on the floor.
Maia: "NEW GAME." 
Me: "No. Not new game. Get off my hymnal. I actually have to be able to see the music." 
Maia: "Fine, I'll lie on these papers instead. Wave your arms again. This is fun." 
Me: "That's my song list, and don't you dare swat at me. Put the claws away." 
Maia: "It's a comfortable song list. MOVING HANDS. I will CATCH them." 
Me: "Ow! Do that again, and you're exiled." 
Maia: "Fine, if you won’t wave your hands... EVIL KNEE. I KILLS IT."
At which point she was banished from the room, and the door summarily slammed behind her.

* 6 *

So yeah, I have a complicated relationship with feminism. There's a long-running debate in my head about whether to call myself a feminist. But... this. This Sophia McDougall op-ed over at New Statesman is how I feel about "strong female characters" in fiction—and about the odd lack of female characters in fiction in general. (Advisory: occasional swearing.)

We need more Jane Austens in this world. I try to be one, in my own name and spirit. I like magic and unicorns too much to write in her genre, and I'm more pensive than witty. But I try to be like her nonetheless.

* 7 *

Music of the week: This song was played at our wedding. It was also played as a prelude before Mass on our anniversary, courtesy of a scheming member of our schola and the pianist. Thanks, guys. :)

* * *

Happy weekend! This blog returns at the middle or end of next week, depending on how long it takes the blogger to get showered and unpacked and freeze the huckleberries....


  1. A cat contemplating evil? Perish the thought!

    There are no unicorns in Austen's works? That would certainly be much better than zombies.

    The article on strong women characters was thought provoking. It seems like some female characters are written in such a way as to be nothing more than kick-a** feminist archetypes. (That's one of the issues I had with some commentators over at The Hogshead; Instead of taking the female characters warts & all, they were constantly complaining that they weren't strong enough or still too dependent on men or whatever. Instead of seeing them as individuals with all sorts of different issues & strengths.)

    And speaking of Austen again, I mean, her works are full of women, of all different types & personalities, with different virtues & vices.

    1. There are no unicorns in Austen's works? That would certainly be much better than zombies.


      they were constantly complaining that they weren't strong enough or still too dependent on men or whatever. Instead of seeing them as individuals with all sorts of different issues & strengths

      Or worshiping Hermione without understanding her weaknesses, or why someone like her might actually need someone like Ron. Or failing to grant the girls understanding for being creatures of their own society (and ours). Or not realizing that the female draw toward the male is only just shy of universal, and is so instinctive and powerful that it isn't always going to be regulated by intellectual idealism--and then disclaiming any right of religion, morality, or tradition to attempt to guide that impulse. You know. Little things like that. Austen understood those things...

    2. Tell us how you really feel about it, Jenna. :)

      But yes, I agree whole-heartedly.

  2. Also, have a great time berry picking! I'm going on vacation too starting later this afternoon. Although I just plan on sitting around & reading.

  3. Hope you are enjoying yourself! I HAVE to do an all-or-none fast/cleanse, or I will inevitably let all kinds of bad foods through again. I know myself well enough after 28 years to know I do better the more strict the rules.

    Your bunches of oregeno looks so pretty just sitting there. Will you hang it from the ceiling to dry? I want pictures!

    1. I hung it from hooks in the wall in the laundry room... and there's a picture in this week's Friday post! :)

      Props on going all or nothing with your cleanse! It sounds amazing. I might've done better had I done some research on detoxing before jumping in... maybe next time.


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