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Today I am...

Feeling... a whole mix of things. A little sleepy, a little wrung out, a little ways toward peaceful after transplanting strawberries and a passion flower and my poor long-suffering aloe, a great deal lonely for my piano as I've been too busy or exhausted to play it four nights out of the last eight, a touch regretful that yesterday's Potter post had to be put together so late and so quickly, a touch nervous about running choir practice this week and cantoring Sunday, a touch frustrated with reworking stories I've already written, and desperately anxious to start something new....

Seeing... gray clouds on the horizon. They're not supposed to last. I hope they don't rain too hard on my tomatoes.

Smelling... blue cheese from lunch, which I've only just finished.

Tasting... grilled chicken, which Lou cooked to perfection, with blue cheese and some of yesterday's white wheat loaf from the bread machine.

Listening... to Maia stalking a fly.

Grateful... for Lou, for his steadiness and sanity and comforting gentleness.

Reading... well, I'm in between books. Recent reads include Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory—oh, the beauty of that work—and Mary Stewart's Airs Above the Ground, which was fun. Next in line is Chesterton's The Man Who was Thursday.

Loving... kindred spirits, from the internet and from ordinary life. <3

Hoping... for a chance to fly out and see my grandma soon.

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