Various Non-Blogalectic Things

Masha gave us the week off, so you get a page full of random today. Especially since we just got our first almost-glimpse of Darcy on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and Lizzie Bennet fans everywhere are typing in capslock. I won't subject you to that, at least. But seriously. Darcy. (Is it less annoying if I use italics?) This is when the story starts to get good.

First, I'm mostly including this little video on introverts and extroverts because the drawings are so fetching. But also because I go in for nearly everything that recommends making the world a little saner for us reclusive types.

Second, Mythgard Institute. Where you can take accredited graduate school classes on fantasy and science fiction literature, notably The Lord of the Rings—or go through Wheelock and learn your Latin. They've just opened their spring 2013 quarter for registration, so if you're interested, check out the awesome.

Lastly, Arabella just sent this to me. You know how I feel about stars.


  1. I really should do something about Latin. I took it a couple times at seminary. Perhaps auditing it didn't give me enough incentive to face down the subjunctive tense.

  2. Thanks for the Mythgard endorsement, Jenna! George, I'm also considering taking Latin I this spring. There's a language requirement for the MA, and I think it's about time for me start that.

  3. Fantastic video!

    Mythgard sounds fun, maybe not so much the Latin, I think I've had enough there, but maybe the Tolkien.. :)

  4. I'm half tempted to audit the Latin myself--the $120 auditing fee is a superb deal. Of course, my husband could teach it to me for free...


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