Beautiful Precipitation and other stories

Among my goals this year is to learn to love the rain, since I live with it. After all, Bellingham does have incredible amounts of beauty in its default state, especially during autumn. It's just a very wet beauty.

* * *

Perhaps because of the chill in the air, Maia spent most of today showing what passes for affection among cats. Which includes sleeping on my blanket on the couch and following me around during housecleaning.

* * *

Writers' link of the week: Michael Erard recently wrote a fascinating piece on "being a dancer who walks for a living." After reading it, I wonder if perhaps I should stop checking Facebook on my writing breaks. Well. That probably won't happen.

* * *

Music of the week: Practice music. I'm singing alto now, which is easier on my battered voice, and loving every note.

* * *

Random (heh) amusement of the week: Along with everyone else, if Big Six publishers Random House and Penguin do merge, and do not call themselves Random Penguin, I will be so disappointed. :D

* * *

As one of my former bosses used to say, it's Miller time. Except that I'm drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon. Time to have a beer and relax, anyway.

Happy weekend!


  1. What Maia is doing is called helping. Helping humans is what makes cats sooooooo tired. Sure, their "help" may not seem all that helpful to us but that's just because of our human failings.

    I plan on having first a non-alcoholic Clausthaler and then some form of Octoberfest beer & leaving my sermon to worry about itself until tomorrow.

  2. So how much did Maia weigh? Good job supervising the cleaning, Maia, and demonstrating excellent rest technique. Our Casey gives a dewclaw up.


  3. Haha, George. How come I don't get to sleep 16 hours a day? Oh, and happy Oktoberfest and procrastination. :D

    Arabella, she moved before I could check! But I did try to weigh her once, by weighing myself with and without her in my arms. She didn't like that at all, so it's hard to be sure, but I think around nine pounds. ;)

  4. Wellie weather can be so restful, especially when you have wellies to wear.

    1. It can be restful. Although I don't have wellies; most of the time, our rain is a persistent misty drizzle that doesn't leave puddles enough to require rain boots. People hardly even use umbrellas around here. :) But yeah, the cloudy days can definitely be pleasant in their own way.


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