[mostly] wordless week: fall symptoms

Owing to a few busy weeks and the overbearing need to rest as well as to catch up on many things, including prep for this blog, I'm taking a week off the regular schedule. And I thought that while I went searching for a little silence and peace, you might like some, too. Rather than go entirely blogless, I'm introducing [mostly] wordless week. I say "mostly" because the chances that I'll say nothing at all are next to nonexistent.

Here's today's offering: a few of the signs of fall around house and garden. The sumac, turning colors...

an unknown flowering shrub, doing likewise:

a fallen rose:

tomatoes, ripening with the aid of window and banana:

...and one of Bellingham's sunsets.

Here's to a restful week for all of us! Normal posting returns next Monday.


  1. Did you know you can make "lemonade" out of sumac berries? It's about 1-2 clusters per cup. Just soak them for a few hours. It's rather sour, but sugar can be added.

    1. Awesome, David! I had no idea. The tree's just a seedling this year and didn't fruit, but next year I could be all over that. :D

  2. I love your photos, Jenna, especially the stunning sunset! May you have a rejuvenating and peaceful week of (mostly) silence. :o)

    1. Thanks, Carrie-Ann! I had a rather pleasant Sunday afternoon shooting a ridiculous amount of pictures and uploading the best of them into blog posts for the week. Hope you enjoy them. :) I've definitely enjoyed this first day of comparative quiet.


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