Photo Break

I have a cold, thanks to which I have done nothing today but read a book, talk to family, put ornaments back on the Christmas tree whenever Maia takes them off, and try to take the edge off the heat in some leftover Indian cuisine. As it turns out, lamb korma is really good when not entirely dominated by capsaicin.

But despite several efforts, I've not come up with a good post on writing for the day. One of these days, maybe I'll get ahead and start doing scheduled posts... till then, when I fail, you get Christmas pictures. Or other such things.

Lou and I, cutting our tree:

We always go with Lou's parents and Andy and Lindsey. Family photo:

Maia caught sight of the Christmas tree in the kitchen, bolted, and hid under the bed for awhile. When she finally came out, she discovered it was just a giant plant:

...at which point it became something to chew on, climb in, bat water away from, and otherwise enjoy to the fullest:

 That became even more exciting when her people hung cat toys on it.

Family photo, in which I am starting to feel sick enough that I fail to hold the smile for ten seconds. Fortunately, I do manage to hang onto the cat, who clearly has places to go and things to do:


  1. Sorry you have a cold, Jenna. But the important thing is that Maia is happy with the tree & ornaments. :)

    Of course, numerous cats is the main reason we don't have a tree, even an artificial one. The smaller, lighter cats are bad enough, but it's the big, chunky cats who still think they're light & dainty enough to climb a tree who are the main problem.

  2. I love the pictures! You look so cute in your hat!

    Have a Merry Christmas, dear.

  3. Haha... George, I believe you. Maia makes enough of a mess when she gets up among the branches. I can't imagine having a tree with multiple kitties in the house.

    Thanks, Farmer's City Wife! Merry Christmas to you and your hubby, too. I hope it's a great one. :)


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