Another Thursday Question and Free Austen Ebooks

Calling all Jane Austen fans!... at least, Jane Austen fans with Kindles or Kindle for PC (it looks like these might also be available in pdf.) George let me know this morning that Books on the Knob has a list of Austen's novels and Austen-related books, currently available free from Amazon (thanks, George!) Exciting? Oh, yes. I'm not usually a fan of Austen sequels—how can anyone expect to live up to the original? But I'll be at least looking into these.

Also, after poking around the internet, I've found a few more questions about books that I'll probably ask on Thursdays, at least from time to time. Some of these are a little more in-depth, so we'll go one by one. As with the old list, feel free to answer on your own blog if you like. If you do, please link back in the comments, so I can go read it!

Last week we talked about our fiction-induced idiosyncrasies, and I loved reading everybody's catch phrases and inspirations! Some favorites: "Brightly, brightly, and with beauty" (Masha, from Stranger in a Strange Land); Pollyanna's Glad Game (Rachelynn); seeking and finding wonder (Mr. Pond, Smith of Wooton Major and The Golden Key); and apparently I'm not the only one who can't stop themselves from using Gollumspeak on occasion. Good to know, George. :)

This week's question: If people looked at your bookshelf, what conclusions do you think they would draw about you?

I am very curious about this.


  1. I really, really like this question. And I have no idea how to answer it.

    Lou and I have different bookshelves, too. There's some mingling, but for the most part, I contributed the fiction half of our library, and he brought the rest.

    The primary responses I get: Either "Wow, you have a lot of old books!" or an enthusastic or antagonistic notice of the Harry Potter and Twilight sets. But "Child at heart" would not be an inappropriate conclusion to draw. Or possibly "More of a happy-go-lucky book lover than a member of the literary class." ;)

  2. Hmmmm, I love this question. I am guessing that people would think I am probably a teenage girl who is a bit of a Sci-Fi nerd that is HEAVILY into photography and loves Mountain Gorillas.

  3. Ummm..that I don't buy new books. And that I appreciate books for the entirety of the book - it's beauty, content, presentation. And that I read all my books, all sorts of books. (this is according to my husband and in-laws. I would also add that I have a tendency to get obsessive about certain authors or subjects.)

  4. I always do this, judge someone based on what they have on their bookshelf. I think my bookshelf says; I have kids, I'm Catholic, and I really like the classics and gardening. My books are also very "loved" but I think a bookshelf full of perfect, unread books is just wrong.


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