After weeks of fascinating debate, Mr. Pond has called Pax in an extraordinarily kind post. It turns out that he and I agree thoroughly on the philosophy of art. The blogalectic is closed for now, though hopefully it will not be the last; it made me think a lot about this craft of storytelling, and it was really rather fun.

So I salute Mr. Pond, who is more than my equal as a wordsmith and jouster. (I was going to say fencer, since he referred to foils, but fencer sounds like someone who digs post holes and strings barbed wire.) And now I have to come up with something else to write about.

That is complicated by the fact that I have five long chapters to revise and twelve days in which to revise them. "I think you can do it," Mom said to me today. She's probably right—but the best way to guarantee that would be to closet myself away from the world and burn that proverbial candle at both ends. Which I'd probably do if we didn't have family in town. The next best thing I can do is limit the amount of time I spend on Blogger and Tweetdeck, so: Apologies in advance for odd silences, missing features, and the like. Barring disaster, we'll at least have Thursday Book Questions.

I'll be back soon.

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