I wanted to write a nice blog about writing today. I really did. Unfortunately, I have an cold, for which the primary symptom thus far is a thorough sapping of energy. Instead of getting things done, then, I've mostly been doing the modern equivalent of laying around watching numerous episodes of The Wedding Story followed by Brady Bunch re-runs: killing time on the internet.

Among other things, I read this entire blog. Not kidding. Yes, it's aimed at men, but can you girls help being curious at what this potential traitor might be saying about us? As it turns out, what she has to say made me laugh. Also, it's all in lowercase. I have no idea what to do with that.

If you want to read about writing, Rachelle Gardner had a great post last week about the rules of writing, which I meant to link anyway because it tied in so well with other things I've written here. Enjoy.

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