Rambly Friday

12:02 AM. Oops. I did hope to get my Friday post up before midnight.... hello, Saturday!

Quick note: The other day I gave in at last and put up the Google Followers widget. It's in the sidebar, so if you want to be my Google Friend, feel free!

I've had a completely distracting day, but a fun one. This morning, after working on an essay project for awhile, I decided to time myself at getting through Google Reader and Twitter and all my email. Social media is drowning me a little; I've got to figure out a way to manage it. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong morning; email and Twitter direct messages kept me working well past noon and then I discovered a bit of a problem with one of my Myspaces. Fixing that got halted in the middle for a coffee date with my sister, and upon returning I had to clean house and make dinner, so I put on some wrock and got busy. Or, at least, mostly busy--I kept putting down the housework long enough to belt out the chorus to The Butterbeer Experience's song for the Whomping Willow or harmonize with Zoe from Split Seven Ways on a Marauders-era piece.

Then, after dinner, Lou and I walked up to WWU and saw Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah. It's a lot of fun seeing a show in your own town because you actually know people on the stage. A friend from church sang in the chorale and Chris from the WWU Harry Potter Club was in the university choir and one of our former coworkers played French horn in the orchestra. The performance was absolutely splendid, and then Lou and I had a beautiful walk home in the rain. Afterward we drove up to Wendy's and got Frosties and ... then it was nearly midnight, and here I am half an hour later, rambling off a sugar buzz.

Ah well. After a week of focused writing about revising novels, my Friday post was bound to be a bit rambly and useless, right? Oh wait, it's Saturday. Maybe I should go to bed.

Have a good weekend, everybody!


  1. This is completely unrelated to what you wrote here, but I remember a previous post about your choosing to take Sundays off from writing. Chip MacGregor posted this on his site April 30, and it also talks about the importance of having a regular sabbath. http://chipmacgregor.com/

  2. Thank you, David! That was a good post, and he's totally right.

    Don't worry, your comments don't have to be on subject all the time. :)


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