The Next Few Weeks

That's me, pretending to be very hard at work. If you look closely into the picture, you can see the parsley hanging upside down on our refrigerator. Hopefully you can't see the cord spaghetti in the study, though. :)

I have a writing project to finish, due the end of May, and there's no way I'll be able to put my novel aside until the other project is complete.

This means that I need to cut back on Internet time. Blogging can't take more than half an hour or so per piece. Twitter needs to be something that I click into only on breaks and only long enough to scan the feed and perhaps tweet or retweet something. Google Reader needs similar treatment. This is where social media and the writer can really get into trouble: as good as Twitter and Facebook and Blogger are, they can't take the place of actually writing the things I most need to write.

But I am going to try not to disappear.

For the next little while, my writing time gets divided into two segments: one for essay, and one to be shared between novel and blog. Much like Lent, I'm allowing myself no Internet for non-research purposes during work hours. There's plenty of time on lunch and breaks.

... oh, and I'm supposed to be learning new polyphony pieces, too. Eek.

If I miss blogging a few days between here and the end of May, I'm sorry. And if I forget something I should have said or done, or someplace I was supposed to show up, or my own name ... forgive me!


  1. Ah, isn't multitasking fun? :)

    Speaking of which... I'm hoping that I can magically learn those polyphony pieces in the next hour while I'm websurfing, hehe.... :)

  2. Haha! Yeah, I can sympathize with that practice method. Best of luck. :) See you soon!

  3. Oh the joy of essay writing! No, really, I do enjoy it. But it kills web time like nothing else. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. No problem, Mr. Pond! And I enjoy writing essays too. Although if this one doesn't start to jell together soon, I'm going to panic. :)


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