Crazy Plant Lady

Wind and rain, go away! I want to stargaze. And start on my garden.

I think I post pictures of my plants the way some people do of their children.

You know those little $1 and $2 baby plants you can get in stores? I can never resist those. Anyway, my neighbors and I are about to start a joint raised-bed garden, and Haggen had these adorable mini herbs, and Wal-Mart had everything else. All told, the box holds a bell pepper, cucumbers, dill, savory, chives, orange balsam thyme, and regular thyme which I got on accident thinking I'd picked up oregano. Now I still have to get oregano. Oh well.

I've never been much of a gardener--or at least, never much of a shovel-wielder or a weeder--but I do love taking care of things. Sure, a plant is not quite a small dog or cat, let alone a small human, but give it a little tender care and it'll grow and love you back. :)

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