Of Nobel Shame

Book Examiner Michelle Kerns says just about everything I need to say.

Though I've read none of Ms. Muller's books, I have no reason to doubt her deserving the literature prize. But as for Mr. Engdahl ... excuse me, sir, but did you just openly admit to ruling out worthy authors based on nationality alone? I thought discrimination was the number-one no-no of our time.

Europe's anti-Americanism has got to cool off. At any rate, when I go there in a few weeks, I will not pretend to be from Canada.

Of course, they gave President Obama the Peace prize, for ... oh, whatever. That's politics.


  1. for the record, we noticed very little Anti-americanisms when we were there. Most everyone treated us very well, and people were very curious and enthusiastic about the US for the most part. Actually, when people thought we were Germans, we got snubbed. But when people knew we were Americans, we got patronized, like the little hostel clerk who took us to a wooden carving on the wall of the monastery hostel and told us that Christopher Columbus was about "so high" when it was carved. thus making his point that America is just a child. And then he told us to go see the Pre-Roman Etruscan gate, dated to 300 BC, that would make us feel "this big..pochino (little)!"

  2. I'm really glad to hear that! Actually, everything I hear says that Italians are very friendly, helpful people, so I'm sure I need not fear anti-American snubbery there.

    It's going to be fascinating to see structures and statues that are more than 300 years old ... that's for sure!


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