Girls Having Fun

Four of us packed into Donna's CRV and drove over the mountains Friday afternoon in pursuit of fun and good girl time. We made it back Sunday evening, having accomplished the following:

  • Long walk up a hill on blacktop in the sun (it felt great to me ... I got so tired of being cold this year)
  • Application of multiple fake tattoos--I got a fairy, a star, and a flower
  • A long time spent bobbing about on noodles in the pool
  • The viewing of three movies (New in Town, The Mighty, and He's Just Not That Into You)
  • Dessert after every meal (no joke)
  • Long conversations catching up on each girl's life and loves, and solving the world's problems
  • Talking late into the night
  • Reading for fun
  • Walking through the Leavenworth Bavarian village

I got up this morning at 7:30, breakfasted with Lou and saw him off to work, and promptly thereafter fell asleep on the couch. I didn't get up again until after noon.

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