Funny Line of the Week

"Oh yeah, and if I wind up going to hell, it will look like Branson, Missouri. That city doesn't know the meaning of the word 'tacky.'"

Matt of 'The Church of No People'

Disclaimer: I've never been to Branson (so I can't concur or dissent) and I usually don't appreciate mockery of the South ... but hey, that was funny.

I found that quote by linking off Jon Acuff's blog (always worthy of mention in humor recommendations), where a guest post by Matt provided another one of the funniest things I've seen all week:

"Contrary to popular belief, Christians aren’t always perfect people. Maybe you have a bumper sticker or a bracelet that says, “W.W.J.D.,” but my bracelet says “W.W.J.L.M.G.A.W.J.T.O.I.I.S.I.W.R.S.A” (What would Jesus let me get away with just this once if I said I was really sorry afterward?) Yes, I have really big wrists."

That last post is hysterically funny and well worth the read. I found it difficult to pick which part to quote. Enjoy.

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