This Post Courtesy Of ...

The cable guy ... I mean the real cable guy, the one who comes, hooks up the cable system, and leaves again without doing anything Jim Carrey-like ... and Florence from Comcast, who spent half an hour on the phone with me and is one of the best CS reps I've ever talked to, and my blessed roommate and her boyfriend, who drove out to the Comcast office with me last week, and my dad and my boyfriend, who set up my computer after the move.

I am back online, and the "D" in ":-D" is just not big enough to match my grin right about now.

The move is complete, other than figuring out where my bookshelves go so I can unpack the books instead of having to box-dive for anything to read. It took me four hours to move, and about three times longer to go through several years' worth of junk mail mixed with things that might have my social security number thereon. I hate sorting mail. I have a similar distaste for scrubbing baseboards and window-locks, but it is done, on the old apartment at least. Now I just need to give back the three keys, which will reduce the number on my keychain to nine.

The new room has a little less view from the window, but what falls within sight is pretty. The room itself is still light and has its own baseboard heater (which means I can get one place in the house just as warm as I like it, although that comes with the fear that I may kick off my comforter in the night and set the house afire.) It feels like home in that room, with my closet all clean and my bed made, the nightstand replete with lamp and Bible and assorted other books, the painting Mom gave me--in which she made me look like the da Vinci portrait of Danielle de Barbarac in Everafter--hung on one wall, and my blessed old Guild in the corner.

Here in the "office", surrounded by an unreasonable number of cords, I also feel quite at home. My synth wants warming up and one weekend is long enough to be without the internet.

As I have other things to do on the internet before wrapping up tonight, this is all for now. But I shall return, oh yes.

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