A Couple of Movies

Really, I should have put my computer in a more convenient place. This room is so consistently chilly right now that I have a hard time convincing myself to enter even for the internet.

That aside, there are a couple of movies I've heard of recently that look really interesting. Bella isn't making it to a theater near me ... yet ... but it won the Toronto Film Festival People's Choice award, and--if the radio station on which I heard about it has their facts straight--the last time that award was taken by an indie film, it was Chariots of Fire. Right now they're trying to get wider distribution on it, as it was just released in limited form yesterday. It's supposed to be an excellent story.

Expelled has an agenda, and it's not attempting to hide that at all. In this film, Ben Stein challenges the teaching of Darwinism as incontrovertable fact. As someone who doesn't think Darwinism is incontrovertable fact, I'd probably go see it anyway, but with Ben Stein and his smart-aleck sense of humor doing the talking, well ... it ought to be hilarious. It comes out in February of 2008, and after seeing it I'll have to post a review.

If any of y'all see either, let me know what you think.

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