I am disconnecting my computer from the internet either tonight or tomorrow morning, so this is the last post until either a) I get new internet, or b) I get tired of waiting for new internet setup and post from work; probably the former. Which means that if you hear nothing from me for a long time, you can blame it on broadbandoffers.com. They screwed up my Comcast account a year ago and it may or may not be resolved. Last I heard, they said it was and Comcast said it wasn't.

Probably I should have complained to what Gilligan once called the "Begger Burger Bureau", but I have a life and that didn't happen. Ah well. But I am not sending that modem back, as according to all MY records, I bought the thing at full price.

Anyway, I'm not going too far; though I will likely not be able to get online at all over the weekend, my work computer will allow me to reconnect to the outside world after hours on weekdays, at least.

I shall return.

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  1. NOOOOOO!!! Come back! All is forgiven!!

    Seriously though, hope you enjoy the new digs :-)


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