On Another Note… a great long belty one

I hear Clay Aiken has a new CD out. Which means that I now have to go get it. Which should be followed shortly by a review.

This album consists mostly of classic covers, if I have my facts straight; hopefully that means they gave him better songs than last time. Not one song on his first album was truly up to his incredible voice. Although I liked a couple of them anyway.

Nobody, I might add, has ever made a better Christmas album than Clay did. At least, in my opinion.

This ought to be good!


  1. I loved Clay's Christmas CD, I guess this new one will grab my money too!

    Lisa Knight

  2. Yay, another Clay fan! I got that CD and will write about it soon. I liked most of it... still can't top his lovely renditions of "Mary, Did You Know" and "O Holy Night" though. If you wind up buying the new one, I'd love to hear what you think about it too!


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