Happy Thanksgiving!

Right now I'm happy—and thankful—because I just made it in and out of Haggen grocery in less than an hour, and all their employees were smiling and making sure people had a non-stressful shopping experience. Two teenage members of the staff asked me warmly if I was finding everything okay, and a checker caught me on my way to the front and took me straight into her aisle, chatting like she was out to make a new friend. I didn't even have to wait in line. Thanks, friendly Haggen people!* I hope you all have a proper holiday tomorrow, and a lovely one. :)

I'm also thankful because I had a quiet hour in Adoration this morning, and because I had a gift card to Woods Coffee and twenty free minutes after Adoration so I got a mocha with whipped cream, and I'm pretty sure it was the best thing ever.

And because I finally got caught up on music filing for choir!! YAY. I suck at being choir librarian—I'm much too prone to leaving octavos in my own book bag. But I'm working on this.

And because made-of-awesome Deborah more or less gave me a camera she couldn't use, and it arrived this afternoon! Which made today feel like Christmas:

Selfie with new camera, taken with old camera...

Thank you, Deborah (and Rick)!!! Pictures with fabulous new camera coming soon.

I'm also grateful because Lou and I both have loving families that want us present for the holiday tomorrow, and with the exception of Lou's older siblings, they live close by. That's not everybody's situation, and it may not always be ours, so I'm enjoying the heck out of it while I have it.

And because we share house space with a completely dopey, sock-eating cat:

Even if she does stand up under my elbows and lay down on my pedal foot
while I'm playing the piano.

Music of the week: Gwyneth Walker's setting of e.e. cummings' "I Thank You God." It seemed appropriate. I've been enjoying Walker's music (thanks for the rec, Jade!); she's done a lot of pieces for women's voices, which I particularly like, a lot of poetry-themed music... which I appreciate despite poetry being my weak spot... and some beautiful sacred music.

Poetry may be my weak spot, but who doesn't love e.e. cummings? Even if my inner English Nazi desperately wants to capitalize those two e's and the c.

Happy Thanksgiving! May you all be blessed and loved. Virtual hug! [[[ <3 ]]]

* As a matter of fact, I do know two out of three names there... I just usually presume people don't want their names on the internet till I know otherwise. :)


  1. MAD HUGS TO YOU TOO, ((((((JENNA)))))))! Yay for peaceful coffee time and new cameras and getting all the filing done and CATS. Hope you have a great day / weekend with your family & friends.

  2. Yaayy!! A new camera for more & better cat pictures!! I suppose it could be used for other pictures too. I suppose.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Yay, the camera got there!

    And, yes--the world canalways use more cat pictures. Happy shooting!!!



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