Tuesday and a Little Bit about Books

No, the daffodils aren't from my garden.
Lou got them for me for my birthday.
No need to wish me many happy returns—
that was weeks ago. I just like the picture. :)
This week's Top Ten Tuesday: Books on my spring TBR list. Between last week's series-I-need-to-start list and January's books-to-read-this-year list, I feel as if I've already more or less filled this out.

If you want to know the specifics of the moment, however, I've got Orson Scott Card's Shadow of the Giant and Shadow Puppets sitting within reach. I'm in the middle of re-reading C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet, I'm planning on tracking down Marissa Meyer's Cinder, and I played hooky from my to-do list this morning to finish Stephanie Perkins' Anna and the French Kiss, partly because I couldn't put it down and partly because I really needed something to review for tomorrow.

Apart from that, I have a document full of intriguing and/or recommended titles and am more likely to pick based on momentary mood than on plan, especially since I've got two books to hopefully finish revisions on by summer.

Maia couldn't care less what I read
as long as I leave room on my lap for a cat.
I'd forgotten that I intended to read War and Peace this year. That's going to charge me more time than I can likely pay until autumn... but we'll see.

What's on your to-read list for spring?

UPDATE: I've closed comments on this post for now. It's getting heavily spammed for reasons unbeknownst to me. My apologies to those of you with anything legitimate to say. :)


  1. And I notice those daffodils are up nice and high, most likely because of Maia the Cute Destroyer.

    Alas, we never have fresh flowers in the house--Casey Rose nibbles the leaves and gets sick. Such is life with a cat.


    1. That's exactly right. Top shelf for everything. One of Maia's first tricks in this new house was to dump a vase of dahlias my neighbor gave me. I got out of the shower to find water all over the table and floor, dahlias clumped on their side, and Maia sitting off in a corner watching the dripping water with apparent fascination. Life with a cat... yup. :)

    2. Our first cat Musette knocked vases over to get the water. Our second cat Fiona just liked knocking things over as a lifestyle. If you love cats, cats trump fresh flowers, I guess.



    And you said something about books, too, right? ;)

    1. Ha, George. It's obvious that your cats have you well trained. ;)