Dona eis requiem sempiternam

I had a little more of a post planned. I'm shifting it to Monday.

* * *

Memorial of St. John of the Cross, 2012

Rest in peace, John St. Hilaire: Knight, farmer, brother, husband, father, grandfather, and to Lou and I, uncle. By every report, a good man. And to those of his family who are reading this, you have my love and prayers.

* * *

Whenever a horror happens to a child—or in this case, children—Auntie Jen thinks of her nieces and nephews and goes a little bit to pieces.

Prayers here for all those who have lost loved ones today.

* * *

While I'd better suck it up because I have a party to throw in forty-five minutes, at the moment I have tears in my eyes, and I think a little music is called for.

* * *

Have a peaceful and blessed weekend.

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